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I’m Hannah!! I’m obsessed with cold brew, hustle is my love language and I tend to spend wayyyyy too much time hunting for the birthday card!! I thrive on educating content creators on how to pitch and negotiate BIG DEALS. 

Putting together brand deals is my jam. I truly love it all… from hunting down brand contacts to crafting an email follow up that's firm but not annoying takes patience and skill 🤣

I enjoy negotiating money and landing on the price that puts the deal together!

I’ve spent years perfecting my process and the language I use when locking down offers. And now I can teach it to you, and truly take away your self doubt so you stop questioning your every move and start moving the needle!! 


Negotiating has always come natural to me, it’s in my blood. I'M HERE TO  GIVE YOU A confidence boost and share all I’ve learned throughout my 7+ years of influencer marketing, pitching and campaign creation. I'm thrilled to be able to pass along my best tips, tricks and processes for those who dive into the deep end with me.

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The #HANNAHHUSTLE - it’s a superpower that I’m very proud of. My drive and grit runs deep and goes a long wayyyyyy in this wild wild west that is the influencer marketing industry. 

It's put me on the receiving end of deals that would have never happened. I can’t tell you how many times I worked my magic to get a client double the offered rate or how my dedication to follow-up and shaking up an offer has worked out in my favor. 

i want this hustle!

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Pitching to brands makes you feel overwhelmed!!

You’re totally clueless on where to find the brand contacts? 

You’re lost on what to write in your pitch emails?

You’re tired of working so damn hard to send one pitch email and you don’t even get a response! AS IF.. 

You WILL feel confident every SINGLE TIME you hit send on your emails!!

You WILL write pitch emails in a snap with clarity on what value you add to brands!! 

You WILL be able to hunt down brand contacts without stress!!

No need to hire a manager, you can do it for your damn self!! 

My goal is to take away the fear and uncertainty that so many digital content creators, bloggers and influencers have. My Mad Rad Magic is truly teaching you how to Pitch + Negotiate for yourself with confidence. 

You will be corresponding with brands in no time and you’ll be doing it even better than a management team / PR pro would do for you. 

Why? Because, you believe in your work, know your value and can authentically share that better than anyone can do on your behalf. 

I can’t wait to help you make that clear sense of direction for you and your business happen, let’s get to work!! 

You couldn’t put me in a box if you tried!! 

I’m not your traditional thinker. I think of ways to always color outside the lines. It’s also important that you know I get REALLY EXCITED over the small things - like when my clients land a brand deal - WOOHOO!! 

When I’m not dancing about my morning coffee on IG stories, the business hat wearing / laid back version of Hannah is usually always sipping on cold brew while sending emails, writing pitch lists, responding to DM voice messages, on zoom calls. 


I deeply want to change the way you look at your business. I’m looking to work with you if you’re open to learning, excited to be your own hype person and okay with the wild, creative FUN ideas that pop out of my brain! 

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Since we’re pretty much BFF’s we need to stay in touch forever, and ever ever and ever ever. 

i'm here for it!

So let’s jump over to IG to make sure you’re following me and send please, oh please SLIDE INTO MY DM’s… it’s my favrotie to CONNECT. Unlike Drake, I’m totally into making new friends!  

So go send me a DM and we will start chatting right away - because, I’m here to help, with absolutely no strings attached!!