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This is for the content creator who has nailed down the process of creating great content but is craving a crash course experience on how to do everything else and learn it like, YESTERDAY! 


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Ready to jump in and clarity your offer NOW? let’s start here - this will get you on a 45 minute call with Hannah plus a week of email support so you move the needle on any action items we come up with on the call. 


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If you’re looking for FULL ACCESS to Hannah, you can jump over and apply to grab one of her 1:1 6 month coaching spots. 

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For the one who currently relies on the brand partnership opportunities to pop into your email inbox but you want more, better collaborations… I hear you! 

For the blogger who has been in the game for so long but still needs a sounding board and always reaches out for feedback to a fellow content creator friend who is also in the business or in one of your private Facebook groups, I want YOU to be that go-to sounding board expert from here on out!

Chances are you don’t feel confident about sending pitches out and negotiating big offers all alone or else you’d be doing it already. Right? 

For the ones craving consistent sponsored brand work, I see you! 

You didn’t start this business on accident, just like you didn’t accidentally memorize every line of clueless back in the day.

YOU found me for a reason and I know that you have what it takes to package up your offer and make it clear to brands that your value is too good to pass up. You will be pitching with confidence again, and again, and again. 

Along the way, you will likely tweak your messaging, your offer, and you will always be open to feedback from brands to grow and be around for the long haul. 

You are in the business of selling yourself and being able to serve the brands to the best of your ability will give you a nice long career in this space. And OMG, doesn't’ that sound exciting?👏🏻

it definitely wasn't
an accident

Gain the knowledge of what your pitching strategy should look like, understand how you can add value to brands with every collaboration and in each outgoing pitch email you send. 

Walk away with clarity, confidence and the know-how to hit send with confidence every time. 

WHY ME? Anything that I am going to tell you, I’m sure can be found in some WAY, SHAPE OR FORM on the internet... 

but what I can tell you is that you won’t find anyone on the internet like me. 

I was born to put deals together! Negotiating and hustling is in my blood. I’ve taken my years of hands-on negotiating experience while putting together brand deals for clients and have transferred my brain on to paper to teach YOU how to do this for YOURSELF. 



No matter what you choose, the big lesson you’ll learn in this pitching and negotiating road is you can absolutely take control of your business and the future of your brand. 

It’s the tips, ways to guide the conversations and excitement that you bring to the table that will make you stand out in the email inboxes. 

Ready to make it happen!!?? I will give you clarity on what to pitch, how to communicate with brands and new ways to share your value. You, the creator, are in charge of what’s next and I’m sure you want it to be an email inbox full of opportunities you need to confirm and schedule in yoru calendar! LET’S GET IT - #PITCHandPUSHBACK

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